I can't get my Vstroker to work!

If you are ever having problems with installing the Vstroker please review this guide and for any other questions, reference:


Vstroker Help: (starting at checkout)

Step 1: once you process and checkout remember to download your content before navigating away from the confirmation page (IMPORTANT)

  • note: Vstroker content does not show up in confirmation email and you will not receive it in a second email

  • note: content will not be usable until you receive Vstroker, make sure Adobe AIR is up to date

  • note: if you do not download the content during checkout you will need to email jeff@vstroker.com with the name of the content to receive it

Step 2: once you receive Vstroker, put batteries in Vstroker and plug dongle into PC/MAC and let it download drivers

Step 3: push the button on the Vstroker once and let it sit until the light begins to flash, you are now connected

Step** 4:** extract the .zip file of your content.

  • note: if you can not find your content it is most likely in your download folder as a ".zip" file and will still need to be extracted

Step 5: Once the file is extracted, open it in its new folder (again usually in your 'Downloads' folder) and click on the icon that says "Play," there should also be a "V" symbol by this if it downloaded completely.

Step 6: Once you open the video and click through the instructions it will walk you through an intro to the video and then you are all set and may begin using your Vstroker.

  • note: you will need to make your own folders and keep each "Play" file for the different girls in one place, like a "Vstroker" folder, and I would recommend re-naming the individual files, i.e. "Play - India Summer 2D" just so you can keep them organized

  • note: to watch the videos you will need to open the file from your selected folder each time


  • when extracting a .zip file all you need to do is highlight the download in your "zip wizard," which more likely than not popped up automatically, and hit "extract"; doing this will download the full content to your computer

  • take advantage of your 7-day free membership and all that Vstroker has to offer

  • 3D content will require your own 3D glasses and PC/TV monitor that is 3D compatible


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